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Killester Joins Network of Local Traffic Counters

Telraam enables communities to count the traffic in their streets with a fully automatic counter. There are already a number of active Telraam counters throughout the Dublin region and far beyond. View a map of active counters on the Telraam site.

Traffic is currently being counted in Abbeyfield, a central spine connecting the Artane Roundabout in the north via Gracefield Road/St. Brigid's Road, Collins Avenue in the south via Middle Third/Killester Avenue, the Howth Road in the South via Middle Third/The Demesne, and the Malahide road in the west, via Middle Third/Killester Avenue.

Why is traffic being counted?

Traffic counts are essential as a basis for solutions. Measurements which record cars, heavy vehicles, public transport, cyclists and pedestrians are necessary. However, counting is currently expensive, limited in time, and rarely records all forms of transport.

New technology offers possibilities for innovative ways of measuring in a continuous, multimodal, dense and efficient way. For example, citizen science air quality monitoring projects such as a recent initiative by DPD Ireland to monitor air quality in Dublin in real-time have paved the way.

Telraam actively involves citizens in helping to provide good traffic counts. Telraam handles the research work and the technology. Citizens supply the data. Participants find out about traffic in their street, and at the same time help the public authorities with good traffic counts. The data can be used to make infrastructure, traffic lights and traffic management plans more efficient and more effective.


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