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History of Killester

During lockdown, many of us had the time to sit down with some of our older residents and hear stories of the past.

Killester is rich with stories, from the religious settlements that date back to the Battle of Clontarf, the legend of the “Fire of St. Brigid”, the starving boys from the liberties who went to World War I for adventure and came home as the war scorched soldiers and sailors of Abbeyfield, Middle Third and the Demesne.

Some of the history is well documented and Love Killester will be aiming to give residents a bit of colour as we walk around our area.

Other parts of Killester's history are not as well documented – the lives and stories of the housing development of the “Clans” or the lives that were led by the generations who were born and raised in “little England”.

There is a lot of interest in the community in gathering and recording some of these stories for future years.

If you are or live with an older member of the community and have stocks of photos or especially video of times gone past, or have stories of the past you would be willing to share, please send an email to

If you have an interest in history and would like to get involved in the project to record this past, please also get in touch at

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