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Killester tidy towns - How to volunteer

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

There have always been quiet superheroes across Killester who have individually come out and weeded, planted and painted to make the area better.

About a month ago, a formal Tidy Towns group was set up, and has been

doing regular litter pickups for the past few weeks. The plan is to continue that for two mornings a month.

It is very sociable, for all ages, equipment is provided and helps make the place look great again!

If you have any interest in getting involved, especially if you have an interest in organising the committee to take it to the next level, please email or send a text message to 086 40 999 20.


Killester Tidy Towns meet 2 mornings per month. Every 2nd Saturday and every 4th Sunday from 10:00am. Exact times are arranged on the day.

If anyone wants to go the extra mile and do tidy ups outside of these times that can be arranged also.


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